Don’t make that New Year’s Resolution!

Do THIS instead!

Instead of “resolving” to lose 20 pounds or make more money or go sugar free just yet.


The Number One Reason You Will Fail – Faulty Motivation

You’re making those resolutions out of a sense of guilt or repentance or feeling badly about yourself most likely, so that motivation right there is the number one reason YOU WILL FAIL!


Instead get to the root of you. Who are YOU really? You really are what you think, what you think about yourself, how you view life. So if your experiences are less than ideal, what are you thinking about? Here’s a hint. When you feel good, you must be thinking good thoughts! Duh! Let’s take it a step further. When you feel bad, you are thinking thoughts that are contradictory who you really are inside. When you are lined up inside with who you really are, you feel GREAT. When you aren’t, you probably feel mad, sad, blah, bad or unmotivated basically.


So what does being aligned with yourself really look like? What exactly is it? It’s akin to having the tires on your vehicle in alignment. When they’re out of balance, it can be a rough ride and wear your tires down much faster and unevenly. When you’re in alignment with the real you, it’s a much smoother ride and you don’t get worn or burned out!


Your real self is your ideal self, the self you desire to be (and are on the way to fully becoming) The very fact that you have the desire is the proof that it’s entirely possible to become “that” or have “that”. And in fact, your desire is the actual seed, that when watered and nurtured, becomes the full version of that desired ideal. So in order to get in line with yourself, you simply need to adjust your focus and pay attention to your thoughts.


You do that by simply and consistently focusing on the best, most ideal version of you possible, the one you may not recognize on the outside yet, the one you get a glimpse of here and there. The key is to focus more and more on the person you want to become on the outside by starting on the inside first. You really have to believe it before you will see it. But trust me, you do the inside work, you will SEE IT ON THE OUTSIDE and pretty darn quick too!

Now, this does take work, but not the kind that beats you up and makes you feel worse if you fall short. This takes mental work and focus, but the payoff is far better and the results are lasting. So here’s a mental “exercise” you should start TODAY!

Take the last 5 minutes of your day as you’re laying in bed, put on some low-key music (preferably nothing about making up, breaking up or hooking up if you get my drift) and spend this time imagining your ideal self. Go so far as to allow yourself to feel it real as you drift off to sleep.

Extra Credit: Put a spiral notebook by your bed. When you wake up in the morning, write down 5 desires. One for the day, one for the week, one for the month, one for the year and one for the next 5 years. These may change from day to day. That is OKAY! Just start somewhere.

So this year, yes, go ahead and lose 20 pounds, get in shape, go sugar free, make a bunch more money this year than last, but first FIX YOUR FOCUS! You will be amazed at what you accomplish and how 2018 will be your best year yet!