What The Health Debunked: The Ultimate Rebuttal

Don’t have time to read the entire article?  No problem!  I read it for you (you’re welcome).  Here are your key takeaways:

1.   How did the “experts” in What The Health look at these results and arrive at the idea that one egg is as damaging as five cigarettes? We have no idea.   The study cited was so flawed it prompted scientists from four different universities to come together and write a letter to the journal editor entitled “Putting Eggs and Cigarettes in the Same Basket; Are You Yolking?”  Smoking, of course, accounted for the highest increased risk at 71.6% for women and 59.6% for men. And eating one egg per day? A barely-there 0.247% risk for women and just under one percent for men.

2.  Cancer, Meat and Dairy.  Basically, processed meats are bad…because they’re what?  PROCESSED.  Duh.  Organic Grass fed beef and dairy from grass fed cows is the difference maker here.  Factory cows (what I call them because they’re shot full of hormones and antibiotics, overfed on questionable farm feed) are the problem, not eating meat or dairy itself.  

3.  They say: Diabetes is “never” caused by eating carbs.  When it comes to the What The Health assertion that fat alone has the hidden super-power to make sugary foods such as baked goods dangerous, they once again have it backwards.  Two studies conducted, one with participants on a 60% carb, low protein, low fat diet and one with low carb (20%) and the remainder from fat in whatever form they wished (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, butter).  Those  in the high-carb study were miserable. They reported feeling lethargic and depressed. Meanwhile, the low-carb group actually reported feeling better on the diet, noting less weariness and, despite eating fewer calories than they were used to, none complained of hunger. The findings indicate that where your calories come from can have a greater impact on your health than the sheer number you ingest, and that basing a diet around fat might be healthier and more sustainable than loading up on carbs.  THERE IS SO MUCH MORE ON THIS SUBJECT.  If you would like to read more about the how and why of a low carb lifestyle, here you go:  


BOTTOMLINE: Eat clean, eat your veggies, eat more good fats, reduce refined/processed foods, ESPECIALLY carbs, and stay active and workout regularly!  For more helpful information, please visit my Titanium Tips tab and Recommended Items.